Creative Holidays

Individual Weaving Courses for Beginners

On the island of eternal spring, within 5 minutes walking distance of the amazing city beach of the cultural centre of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, lies my weaving Studio Ulitasloom. Here you will have the opportunity to learn the basics skills and tricks of weaving and bring to life your own design ideas on the loom.
After choosing the right yarns and planning the right setting for your project, we will dress my loom together. This four shaft loom gives you a lot of treadling possibilities, so you can let your creativity flow. You will be able to understand the mechanics of weaving right from the start and enjoy all the design possibilities of color variation. At the end of the week you will have finished your dream project, whether it be a cosy cushion cover, a lacy shawl or a colorful scarf. If you wish, we could also have a natural dye session, for example with the local cochineal, which gives lovely pink and purple tones.


Preliminary meeting in my workshop, project planning, choosing the yarn
1st day: Preparation and beaming of the warp
nd day: Threading of heddles and comb
rd day: Weaving
4th day: Weaving
th day: Wet finishing
Price: 380 Euros plus yarn (Individual classes)

Dates: Flexible bookings
Languages: English, German or Spanish.

I can also give you a hand with searching for some pleasant accommodation, and can provide you with plenty of tips for excursions and city and hiking tours, which I could even guide personally.

Ulrike Güse
Calle Rosarito, 6-3º
35008 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Telefon: 0034 629 952 119