Cochinilla de La Palma

Durante mis vacaciones de verano en La Palma coseché mi propia cochinilla silvestre.
Bichos grandes y jugosos, que me dieron este precioso color en seda mordentada con alumbre y cremor tártaro.
Cuatro borlas en cada lado del chal dan tres opciones de llevarlo, porque sirven de botones. La pieza está enhebrada y tejida en camino de rosas con colores alternadas


Cochineal from La Palma

I harvested my own wild cochineal during my summer holidays in La Palma.
Big juicy bugs, that gave me this beautiful colour on silk mordanted with alum and cream of tartar.
Four tassel on each end of the shawl are giving three possibilities of wearing it, because they work as buttons.
The pattern is a rosepath with alternating colours.



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2 responses to “Cochinilla de La Palma

  1. how cool – dyeing silk with your own cochineal! Gorgeous poncho/shawl – I would never guess it was rosepath pattern, really like the structure and collor effect of it.

  2. chiaradiack

    Wonderful colour and I love the design, very clever!

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