Gift delivery

Today at noon I went to the marina to deliver a scarf to my friend Patrick, who did a generous donation  when I bought my loom.

Thank you!

Entrega de regalo

Hoy a medio día me fuí al muelle deportivo a entregar esta bufanda a mi amigo Patrick, que hizo una generosa donación cuando compré el telar.




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4 responses to “Gift delivery

  1. Ey Uli! Me he quedado boquiabierto no sabía que tejías … Qué bueno! Me tienes que enseñar la técnica para ver como funciona.

    Saludos! x

  2. Me

    Cute girl. Do you know anything about sailing?

  3. patrick biddulph

    Hi Uli, Patrick really loves the scarf and the colours are really all the blues we see in the clear water of the sea coast around the islands here. All I need is more cooler weather to really enjoy it.
    Thanks alot, Pat.

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